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Platypus Playhouse Program

What is Platypus Playhouse?

Platypus Playhouse is range of learning aids designed to help families with young children who are deaf or hard of hearing grow and develop Auslan and English through interactive play, online activities, printed resources and fun toys and tools.

Why create Platypus Playhouse?

A key aspect of this program, based on feedback from parents, is the need for specifically designed resources that include interactive activities to engage their deaf or hard of hearing child.

Creative, unstructured play is vital to a child’s imaginative development and helps them to explore and understand their world. The benefits of a playgroup are apparent through all levels of a child’s development: Physical, Social, Emotional Language and Cognitive development and Communication.

Benefits of learning through play include:

  • Provides opportunities for creative, unstructured learning through play;
  • Builds attachments between adults and children as they play together and share time and experiences;
  • Help children develop social skills as they learn to interact with others, take turns, share and make friends;
  • Provides experiences that enable them to manage stress and adapt to change;
  • Offers opportunities for the children to explore, invent, reason and solve problems.

Key Messages

  • Tools developed to enable communication and language acquisition in young deaf or hard of hearing children and their families
  • Expand children’s vocabulary of high frequency words to help them navigate every day experiences.

Platypus Playhouse Characters:

DCA has created a family of appealing and colourful platypus characters. Pip Platypus has a hearing aid and Annie a Cochlear Implant. The family includes Mummy, Daddy and Betty the dog.

The Platypus Playhouse range have been designed to be an inclusive, playful, interactive and safe resource to help young children identify, share experiences and knowledge, and build confidence to connect through social and physical environments.

The Platypus Playhouse Range: The range has been developed to enable and support families raising a deaf or hard of hearing child build capacity around language acquisition. Items from the range will be available for purchase through the online store.

The Range includes:

Pip’s Big Adventure – Book
Pip the platypus takes off on a big adventure with his trusty dog Betty and his favourite toy Teddy. Together they crawl through the trees, jump over crocodiles, climb mountains, and have a lot of fun. Includes illustrations of Auslan cards of key words and access to Auslan sign videos via a QR code.

Pip and Annie go to the Country – Book
Pip and Annie, our cute platypuses, take a trip to the country and meet special friends along the way. Together, they meet owl, sheep, pig dog, koala and kangaroo. Includes illustrations of Auslan cards of key words and access to Auslan sign videos via a QR code.

Platypus Froopies and Weggies
The Froopies and Weggies pack includes five fruit and five veggie tactile handmade resources, together with English/Auslan Cards, magnets, Auslan videos (online) so you can see how to sign key words, and a sheet of fun activities to make the most of the learning aids in this pack.

Pip and Annie’s Besties
These loveable handmade finger puppets appear in the storybooks and include a sheep, dog, pig, owl, kangaroo and koala. The soft, tactile feel of the felt puppets will appeal to kids, and together with English/Auslan Cards, activity sheet and magnets.

Matcharoo Auslan cards
Matcharoo Auslan Cards feature cute character pictures from the story books. With 50 cards (2 x set of 25), an activity sheet providing a number of fun games for the family PLUS an Auslan diagram sheet of each picture in the pack.

Spell with me – Fridge Magnets
The Spell with Me set of 70 fridge magnets of the Auslan signs for letters of the Alphabet are a great way to start finger spelling in Auslan.

Tiny Puggles
Two tiny, felt, hand made, ‘puggle’ finger puppets made specially for tiny fingers.

An online Guidebook for Parents with tips, activities, games, how to run a playgroup and more

Just check out platypusplayhouse.org.au to find out more!

What’s coming next:

  • A series of 5 more printed Auslan/ English story books with additional Auslan sign cards.