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Storybook: Pip’s Big Adventure

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Pip the platypus takes off on a big adventure with his trusty dog Betty and his favourite toy Teddy. Together they crawl through the trees, jump over crocodiles, climb mountains and have a lot of fun. Each scene is beautifully illustrated with Auslan illustrations to highlight key words. You can access videos to see how to sign these key words via a QR code featured in the book.

Pip’s Big Adventure has now been fully translated into Auslan, which you can access by scanning the QR Code in the back of your Pip’s Big Adventure book.

Pip, Betty and Teddy are involved in everyday happenings with the aim of encouraging questions and interaction among family members. This approach is based on strong evidence on literacy and parent child engagement.


Reading Tip: Deaf and hard of hearing children have the capacity to follow visuals in a book and grasp the excitement of its content if the reader’s face and hands are animated and the page is in the direct eyeline of the child.

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  • 24 beautifully illustrated pages
  • 6 Auslan illustrations of key words
  • QR code to access videos to show you how to sign key words


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1 review for Storybook: Pip’s Big Adventure

  1. Barbara – Victoria

    Love this book! The story and illustrations are adorable and the kids really enjoy them. The best thing about this book are the videos you can watch to learn signs. A great introduction to a new language for everyone!

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